One of Nagano’s ski resort

One fine day, weather was just perfect for a snowboarding from the mountain top. So go with the flow and let the ride goes on.. yeah, snowboarding. 🙂 That small little village lies there peacefully awaiting visit from people of curious minds. Couldn’t feel more pleased.


That lovely day

For some living may sound difficult, but actually it means you should be breathing and do your best. This is what happens when you live. May be you should be smiling too in case you are ugly without a smile. :) Have a fun and useful life. *** I mean it.

Below is view of sky through branch of some trees in a park on a sunny day  in January 2013 using Instagram effect. Sorry I am learning to try a more useful explanation, but I’m still learning.


Get well soon

So my room is quite empty and I thought paper birds will do, but actually I need to buy some nails first.

Anyway, my friend told me that when someone is sick, you should write a message on a color paper and make paper bird from that to give to your unwell friend. And he is or she will get well again.
So to those who are not well, I hope you will get well soon. 🙂

Paper bird