How safe can we be

There was this country which grew weaker as time passes by. I am afraid to do anything about it. I just watch everything happening in silence. The systems is deteriorating. The health care system is not working. And when we take a look at education, it is even more saddening because we can cheat if we want to. We are taught from young age from the very place which suppose to teach us to be righteous.

In trying to survive, we ourselves have indirectly contributed to weaken this country’s very own development. The food  we eat,  we don’t really know what is in there. The chemical substances overused for the food products regardless how risky it is for our health. The doctors who are trying to make money, forgetting to update their knowledge and put conscience as priority. The careless drunk drivers and the loose law enforcement. The rich people who exploit the poor. The city urban development which are not build based on good planning.

I’m not trying to be negative here, I’m just saying what it is in our society here. Of course there are good people. There are those who feel pain by it and sincerely hope it would get better. When will things get better. When will they give in and give up on their greed? We can continually ask this question and may be we won’t even get the answer.

Rest in peace for those who lose their life to this ongoing wars. We do not want to fight anymore. But do we have a choice. When even for them trying to survive is made difficult from the system. If only we could put humanity, virtue, and love in our head and heart, may be all of us can live better? May be we don’t have to kill each other? May be we don’t have to step on others to stand on the top? Just may be.


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