It has been a while

The sun was setting, birds were flying and gentle autumn breeze added to that beautiful moment.
As I thought another day would not have passed, but it did. For now I would call it memory, all the happy, sad and complicated time. I do not want to be understood, because soon after they would forget anyway.

Me, I was that little four leaf clover hidden among the grass. I get up everyday when the morning sun rises. And when the light is yet about to leave I am praying the day would not end so soon. Yes, I do not want to sleep because I love the sun so much. The sun brighten my days though both us add beauty to the world in our own ways. One of our differences would be I could disappear one day either naturally or through humans’ action, but the sun will be there for a long long time to come. Still who would want to think about that day? I just want to believe that we are going to be in this universe for as long as we can. But if I could talk to the sun, and let’s pretend the sun is a male because I’m a female; I would ask him to shine a bit less brightly because it is impossible for me to wear sunglasses like humans do. In return I would promise him I would smile everyday and especially for him. In addition, I would ask my flowers neighbours to keep blooming beautifully as well. We will not be sad when there is rain on some days because we understand the sun want us to experience the sky in a different setting. Still, we would love it a lot if he could give us double rainbow right after.