Someone in a different world






this is life!! It could be full of uncertainty and fear but if u give up, it will forever be a mystery… Don’t do that to people who care about u even though They don’t say it like ur family or your friends… It make us sad and come up with lots of *what if* so for once please!!!

Specially dedicated to someone who could have never read it but was a good friend to us, great photographer and creative designer. I don’t know why you left us. And because it’s this sudden we could never guessed what have gone wrong. Please rest in peace.

Get well soon

So my room is quite empty and I thought paper birds will do, but actually I need to buy some nails first.

Anyway, my friend told me that when someone is sick, you should write a message on a color paper and make paper bird from that to give to your unwell friend. And he is or she will get well again.
So to those who are not well, I hope you will get well soon. 🙂

Paper bird