It’s spring again

May be that’s what make it so unique since they only bloom in spring and lasted only for two weeks or so before those Sakura flowers fly away through the wind.


Near my house, just a five minute walk away, there is a very long and beautiful park along the Arakawa river with rows of cherry blossom trees. I could see those tree change from orange and red color in Autumn to The leafless trees in winter and all whitey during spring. Quite spectacular as seasons change. I hope you love them as much as I do

Early cherry blossom in Japan

I was working my way out with Google map as I was following its direction. It is funny how it put me to walk all around the university in a criss cross way while it was actually possible to walk in straight direction in less time instead. Yet, amidst this I found some cheery blossom trees today, so I will forgive u again Gmap..

And I don’t know what quote to put today so let’s make one myself:
– No matter where you are, I hope you’d find me in spring. –