Should we forgive people?

Let say he or she has not directly hurt you but someone you know so bad to the point that your someone got hurt. Like how the Khmer Rouge leaders have killed more than a million Cambodian people during their regime. Even if none of your close family member were killed from the regime, but the lives that were lost and the psychological effects that come after it is hard to measure. And the fact that a few of the top leaders have died. Are you okay with forgiving them?

Finding someone to blame when things go wrong may not always be right, but it does occur naturally. When my friend passed away, I was so angry with him. I thought he could have done this and that instead of leaving us. Then I read on stories of others. Had I been him, who knows what could have happened. I have not really experienced what he’s been through. And on top of that I do not really know what exactly happened to him. Truth be told, it has not been scientifically proven that heaven exists. But human exists. He is gone. If I hold on to get upset about his decision, I will not be happy and peaceful. The best way is putting myself in his shoes. The best way is acknowledging that the past is the past and forgive him. Actually I doubt if he needs my forgiveness because we are just friends like everyone else. We actually forgive ourselves when we forgive someone else. We let go of that tiny anger and welcome happiness.

To those who is reading this. If we cannot forgive or forget, just hold on to the good memory and keep living on.

the strangers

Even if it means you have to stand alone

Stop to ask will everything I’ve done will worth it in the end .. And the voice inside me is also getting confused. That’s why it’s good not to make decision when you are tired, sad, or not in the right state of mind.

I’m not belong to the majority anymore here is what I am feeling right now.. I’m so tired today and I really can’t think right.. So I hope if you too are tired, remember that it’s temporary.. That positive feeling will come back again.. Fighting!

I believe it will worth it in the end for those who really care and take you as who you are..

It’s confusing, misleading, uncertain, lots of doubts, lots of fear, may be a few falls and darkness, but never ever give up. For yourself and this beautiful world. Please don’t give up!!


After the rain


*never take anything for granted* we all knows this already, but the ideas of something that we loves could be gone in seconds just never really so convincing.

This tree was a Sakura tree and the flowers were absolutely stunning… And that house with purple flower used to be full of dying weeds. I don’t particularly like the rain because going anywhere is not easy with pouring drops. Then it just happens that because of this rain, that’s why everything turns green again. And instead of a scary abandoned house, it was fully decorated with purple flower and green plants. It’s funny as everything could bring out all the different perspectives to each of us. Until then, I’m hoping for the best.