That fear and insecurity

How should I begin this? The moment when you have lost something or someone very important to you, and there’s no way you will ever get that back; that’s when insecurity and feeling of fear begins. Part of me is scared of losing, of parting from people I love. Sometimes, just sometimes, calculating time also happen. Like how much time left or if this is the last day we could have met, what should I have done. At times, people know duration of life cannot be controlled, but if we are only scared, could things get any better? 

Then there are times that despite all the fear and security, the feeling of love and good memory is so overwhelming and I am just simply happy and living in the moment. It is not holding on to the past, but it is appreciation and feeling grateful for all the good time and bad time that I and the people I know have had together. It is not just anyone’s guess of how long our life span is, but I am holding on to the belief of love and appreciation to keep me going on. Not letting the fear make me worse, but make it my encouragement to keep going. Saying I love you to the people I care about. Dropping a hi to friends who live far away that we have not been in touch for along time. Star t a random act of kindness as much as I can. Feeling good is the best thing in the world. Let try to be in peace. Let nature be the guide.  I am still scared, but I am doing fine. Keep going

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How safe can we be

There was this country which grew weaker as time passes by. I am afraid to do anything about it. I just watch everything happening in silence. The systems is deteriorating. The health care system is not working. And when we take a look at education, it is even more saddening because we can cheat if we want to. We are taught from young age from the very place which suppose to teach us to be righteous.

In trying to survive, we ourselves have indirectly contributed to weaken this country’s very own development. The food  we eat,  we don’t really know what is in there. The chemical substances overused for the food products regardless how risky it is for our health. The doctors who are trying to make money, forgetting to update their knowledge and put conscience as priority. The careless drunk drivers and the loose law enforcement. The rich people who exploit the poor. The city urban development which are not build based on good planning.

I’m not trying to be negative here, I’m just saying what it is in our society here. Of course there are good people. There are those who feel pain by it and sincerely hope it would get better. When will things get better. When will they give in and give up on their greed? We can continually ask this question and may be we won’t even get the answer.

Rest in peace for those who lose their life to this ongoing wars. We do not want to fight anymore. But do we have a choice. When even for them trying to survive is made difficult from the system. If only we could put humanity, virtue, and love in our head and heart, may be all of us can live better? May be we don’t have to kill each other? May be we don’t have to step on others to stand on the top? Just may be.


New leaf and flowers



Thank you for showing some love. There is a park near where I live which I love to go..

Feeling peaceful as coming from our right hemisphere brain is not always difficult when we are at a quiet and beautiful place. Yet, I think we ourselves have to also find the beauty in those little things we come across everyday too.

Someone in a different world






this is life!! It could be full of uncertainty and fear but if u give up, it will forever be a mystery… Don’t do that to people who care about u even though They don’t say it like ur family or your friends… It make us sad and come up with lots of *what if* so for once please!!!

Specially dedicated to someone who could have never read it but was a good friend to us, great photographer and creative designer. I don’t know why you left us. And because it’s this sudden we could never guessed what have gone wrong. Please rest in peace.

Story of a bike


This is a story about a bike.

So imagine the bike that you are seeing right there belongs to you and it actually has magic power which can travel up to any speed you’d like per minute.
In order to ride this bike, you have to say this sentence *we are good friends, let’s go for a ride* and the bike will arrive at your command.

One day you and your bike went to Alaska and saw a very big polar bear . The bear immediately recognize the bike and said *hey, it’s been a long time.. How have you been biki?* You were surprise because it was your first time to be in Alsaska but it seems your Biki was here before. Biki replied *I’ve been doing fine, I’m bringing my friend here to see you* .

The truth is Biki was once a boy, but he was transformed by god to be a bike because he was too tough on people and always abuse those around him. God told him that when it’s the right time, he would meet a good owner and he would become a human again in Alaska. Polar bear knows about this because Polar Bear is a friend of god and Polar Bear sense exactly who is the kind owner by just looking through their eyes. So that day Biki was transformed from a bike to the boy he was before and become a kind person ever after.