Ishinomaki city view in the morning


I was there in March 2013 for two days volunteering doing gardening for a community centre house which used to be a ward office.

This was one of the places worse hit by tsunami after a 9.0 magnitude earthquake on March 11th, 2011.

That I look at it that morning, the calm and see-through ocean water, beautiful green mountains all around; couldn’t really believe that was the place it has happened.

At the train station today


It usually gets very crowded on Friday night because it’s the last day of the week and they tend to go to their favorite places and come back at very similar times from 9 p.m or so. It’s so crowded that each time they hop on or hop off, the train also moves along with them.

Today I was not very happy with a man who seemed to hold on to my bag very often, but besides a side glance I didn’t do anything because there was no much space. Then some people hop off and I could turn my back and fully met his face. That’s when i realized something. I hadn’t been pleased with that man who actually cannot see. I’m really sorry I didn’t fully understand his situation. So I moved aside and gave my place to him.
So my reminder for today is I should look at the situation as a whole, put myself in their shoes, before getting upset with anyone.

Story of a bike


This is a story about a bike.

So imagine the bike that you are seeing right there belongs to you and it actually has magic power which can travel up to any speed you’d like per minute.
In order to ride this bike, you have to say this sentence *we are good friends, let’s go for a ride* and the bike will arrive at your command.

One day you and your bike went to Alaska and saw a very big polar bear . The bear immediately recognize the bike and said *hey, it’s been a long time.. How have you been biki?* You were surprise because it was your first time to be in Alsaska but it seems your Biki was here before. Biki replied *I’ve been doing fine, I’m bringing my friend here to see you* .

The truth is Biki was once a boy, but he was transformed by god to be a bike because he was too tough on people and always abuse those around him. God told him that when it’s the right time, he would meet a good owner and he would become a human again in Alaska. Polar bear knows about this because Polar Bear is a friend of god and Polar Bear sense exactly who is the kind owner by just looking through their eyes. So that day Biki was transformed from a bike to the boy he was before and become a kind person ever after.