It’s spring again

May be that’s what make it so unique since they only bloom in spring and lasted only for two weeks or so before those Sakura flowers fly away through the wind.


Near my house, just a five minute walk away, there is a very long and beautiful park along the Arakawa river with rows of cherry blossom trees. I could see those tree change from orange and red color in Autumn to The leafless trees in winter and all whitey during spring. Quite spectacular as seasons change. I hope you love them as much as I do

At the train station today


It usually gets very crowded on Friday night because it’s the last day of the week and they tend to go to their favorite places and come back at very similar times from 9 p.m or so. It’s so crowded that each time they hop on or hop off, the train also moves along with them.

Today I was not very happy with a man who seemed to hold on to my bag very often, but besides a side glance I didn’t do anything because there was no much space. Then some people hop off and I could turn my back and fully met his face. That’s when i realized something. I hadn’t been pleased with that man who actually cannot see. I’m really sorry I didn’t fully understand his situation. So I moved aside and gave my place to him.
So my reminder for today is I should look at the situation as a whole, put myself in their shoes, before getting upset with anyone.

Tree’s reflection in the water

“Did you ever wonder if the person in the puddle is real, and you’re just a reflection of him?”
― Bill Watterson-

Whatever is the answer, it doesn’t matter anyway. All you have to know is what ever you are, do your best with it.

If we do not get lost, may be we couldn’t feel so appreciated to be back on track again or to have made a new exploration on a new road.

So for some reasons, we do need reflection, it doesn’t confuse us but help us growth.


Sunset at a train station


I’m not a photographer and I don’t own a fancy camera, but I can’t resist taking pictures when I travel past a good view.

The world is so beautiful only if we believe. From sun rise to sunset, there’s always something to fall in love with. This sunset photo was taken when I got off a train and the ray was particularly eyes-catching.

Do you think it’s good if we make it a point to find at least one thing a day to feel grateful for?

*There’s a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they’re absolutely free. Don’t miss so many of them.* -Jo Walton

Birds flying in front of the Royal Palace in Cambodia

Have you ever been to Cambodia? Yes it is where I come from. As of now, Cambodia is a developing country. We have the current prime minister who has been in service for over 20 years. Laws and order are not that great and the people are hoping something could be done about it. We have high rate of traffic accident and hmmmm its quite annoying.

In the mean time, not all is bad. For example, despite not having so much, Cambodian people are one of the kindest I have ever known. Should you have a chance to visit the countryside and meet some senior people. They will have a big smile for you, invite you in and offer you drink or local home-grown vegetable. New generations of youths are coming together volunteering for their community. They do cleaning up activities at the beach or local market and so on. So I guess and hope we are really getting better.

We also have a good potential of tourism development. We have over hundreds of ancient temples out there awaiting more visit and care from everyone. It is important to appreciate what we have and do our best to make it better. May be I’m so dumb to figure out those reasons why it has to take us so long.

I always heard that politics is so complicated. May be its not so wrong, but then if people’s well being and welfare is important to you as leaders and everyone; shouldn’t we focus on that?

It doesn’t matter how small we are as a country, but if we lose hope in finding the great things we can do for our life and our country, that is the sad thing. So just like the birds, they fly and show you beauty of unity, love and hope; we too should be positive and do not give up on ourselves. The roads ahead may not always be smooth, but we are together and we move forward.