Should we forgive people?

Let say he or she has not directly hurt you but someone you know so bad to the point that your someone got hurt. Like how the Khmer Rouge leaders have killed more than a million Cambodian people during their regime. Even if none of your close family member were killed from the regime, but the lives that were lost and the psychological effects that come after it is hard to measure. And the fact that a few of the top leaders have died. Are you okay with forgiving them?

Finding someone to blame when things go wrong may not always be right, but it does occur naturally. When my friend passed away, I was so angry with him. I thought he could have done this and that instead of leaving us. Then I read on stories of others. Had I been him, who knows what could have happened. I have not really experienced what he’s been through. And on top of that I do not really know what exactly happened to him. Truth be told, it has not been scientifically proven that heaven exists. But human exists. He is gone. If I hold on to get upset about his decision, I will not be happy and peaceful. The best way is putting myself in his shoes. The best way is acknowledging that the past is the past and forgive him. Actually I doubt if he needs my forgiveness because we are just friends like everyone else. We actually forgive ourselves when we forgive someone else. We let go of that tiny anger and welcome happiness.

To those who is reading this. If we cannot forgive or forget, just hold on to the good memory and keep living on.

the strangers

That fear and insecurity

How should I begin this? The moment when you have lost something or someone very important to you, and there’s no way you will ever get that back; that’s when insecurity and feeling of fear begins. Part of me is scared of losing, of parting from people I love. Sometimes, just sometimes, calculating time also happen. Like how much time left or if this is the last day we could have met, what should I have done. At times, people know duration of life cannot be controlled, but if we are only scared, could things get any better? 

Then there are times that despite all the fear and security, the feeling of love and good memory is so overwhelming and I am just simply happy and living in the moment. It is not holding on to the past, but it is appreciation and feeling grateful for all the good time and bad time that I and the people I know have had together. It is not just anyone’s guess of how long our life span is, but I am holding on to the belief of love and appreciation to keep me going on. Not letting the fear make me worse, but make it my encouragement to keep going. Saying I love you to the people I care about. Dropping a hi to friends who live far away that we have not been in touch for along time. Star t a random act of kindness as much as I can. Feeling good is the best thing in the world. Let try to be in peace. Let nature be the guide.  I am still scared, but I am doing fine. Keep going

on. Imagelog

what would you call today?

the word “overated” keep reminding of everything around me, but then will peace alone be enough for today complicated world? Its not sufficient even for myself so how can you alone govern anyone else to think or behave the way you deem appropriate?

While I am having fun, some people are struggling with flooding situation or having nothing to eat on a regular basis. How much do I actually care? Whose fault is it that some people have to be born in a very difficult conditions like poverty, illness and corrupted country? How dare you to point finger at them… I beg you if you cannot be of any help, please just do not make it worse.

May be it is alot easier to blame people than do a self reflection on ourselves. May be you find it more justified that other people are wrong and forgive yourself.


New leaf and flowers



Thank you for showing some love. There is a park near where I live which I love to go..

Feeling peaceful as coming from our right hemisphere brain is not always difficult when we are at a quiet and beautiful place. Yet, I think we ourselves have to also find the beauty in those little things we come across everyday too.

After the rain


*never take anything for granted* we all knows this already, but the ideas of something that we loves could be gone in seconds just never really so convincing.

This tree was a Sakura tree and the flowers were absolutely stunning… And that house with purple flower used to be full of dying weeds. I don’t particularly like the rain because going anywhere is not easy with pouring drops. Then it just happens that because of this rain, that’s why everything turns green again. And instead of a scary abandoned house, it was fully decorated with purple flower and green plants. It’s funny as everything could bring out all the different perspectives to each of us. Until then, I’m hoping for the best.

Ishinomaki city view in the morning


I was there in March 2013 for two days volunteering doing gardening for a community centre house which used to be a ward office.

This was one of the places worse hit by tsunami after a 9.0 magnitude earthquake on March 11th, 2011.

That I look at it that morning, the calm and see-through ocean water, beautiful green mountains all around; couldn’t really believe that was the place it has happened.