After the rain


*never take anything for granted* we all knows this already, but the ideas of something that we loves could be gone in seconds just never really so convincing.

This tree was a Sakura tree and the flowers were absolutely stunning… And that house with purple flower used to be full of dying weeds. I don’t particularly like the rain because going anywhere is not easy with pouring drops. Then it just happens that because of this rain, that’s why everything turns green again. And instead of a scary abandoned house, it was fully decorated with purple flower and green plants. It’s funny as everything could bring out all the different perspectives to each of us. Until then, I’m hoping for the best.

That lovely day

For some living may sound difficult, but actually it means you should be breathing and do your best. This is what happens when you live. May be you should be smiling too in case you are ugly without a smile. :) Have a fun and useful life. *** I mean it.

Below is view of sky through branch of some trees in a park on a sunny day¬† in January 2013 using Instagram effect. Sorry I am learning to try a more useful explanation, but I’m still learning.