what would you call today?

the word “overated” keep reminding of everything around me, but then will peace alone be enough for today complicated world? Its not sufficient even for myself so how can you alone govern anyone else to think or behave the way you deem appropriate?

While I am having fun, some people are struggling with flooding situation or having nothing to eat on a regular basis. How much do I actually care? Whose fault is it that some people have to be born in a very difficult conditions like poverty, illness and corrupted country? How dare you to point finger at them… I beg you if you cannot be of any help, please just do not make it worse.

May be it is alot easier to blame people than do a self reflection on ourselves. May be you find it more justified that other people are wrong and forgive yourself.


Early cherry blossom in Japan

I was working my way out with Google map as I was following its direction. It is funny how it put me to walk all around the university in a criss cross way while it was actually possible to walk in straight direction in less time instead. Yet, amidst this I found some cheery blossom trees today, so I will forgive u again Gmap..

And I don’t know what quote to put today so let’s make one myself:
– No matter where you are, I hope you’d find me in spring. –


Fishing at Arakawa

The park at Arakawa in Tokyo is quite stunning in spring because one of my favorite color green is everywhere. And he saw me going around him taking pictures and he asked *are you on vacation?*

*Sitting quietly, Doing fishing, Spring comes, and the grass grows by itself.* -The Zen Proverb- actually it says *doing nothing* but I prefer fishing because he was.